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David Ricciuti (Cavey) had his humble beginnings in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne, David's early teachings in music came from his mother, an awarded pianist herself. With influence from the perfect rhythm of his father, music was a large part of his early life.

Growing up playing piano and then guitar, music gave way to the demands of  work and family, leaving the guitar to sit in a corner of the room for many years.

The pull of music returned though and brought David back onto the stage in 2005 through several accomplished musicians such as Damian Howard and the Ploughboys, Dave Walker and others. After a trip to Birdsville, he and Dave Walker wrote an album based on the trip and formed a band called the Blue Moon Lodge. This five piece band played at the Gympie Muster, Apollo Bay Music Festival and the Wandong Music Festival among others. Their album, Diamonds on the Road was nominated for multiple National County Music Awards.

David continued to hone his craft and currently plays locally with various musicians, including his daughter.

The passing of years have created a deeper and more thoughtful sound that makes him a pleasure to listen to.

David is enigmatic, with a voice like warm caramel, smooth and rich. His songs are imbued with life and energy, pulling lessons from life and inspiration from the everyday.


David Ricciuti is almost the reluctant frontman, a gifted singer/songwriter whose talent demands he play. His music is inspired by the outlaws, Waylon, Willie and Johnny Cash. 

It defers to the greats, the Big O and Slim Dusty.

It tips its hat to the classic Aussie sound of Cold Chisel and the many great independent Aussie artists who have gone before.


David's  first solo album, Oil and Water, released in July 2016, showcases the talents, the experiences and the stories he’s picked up along the way.

Everything about the album is quality. The songs, the performances, the production. 

It has been lovingly crafted from the ground up to be what it is - a great country music album with intelligent lyrics - sometimes sad, sometimes funny and always observational.

David tours locally performing with various world class artists including Dave Walker, Greg Hunt, Mark McNeilly, Luciano Evangelista and his own daughter Rachel Ricciuti.

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